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A Psychotic Vouches for The Daily Planet

In a poignant, but completely over-the-top, piece in the March 19, 2009 issue, Jack Bragen details many incidents of anti-Semitism he has personally experienced, including beatings, being called a “kike,” and more. 

Amazingly, the whole point of the letter was to exonerate the Daily Planet.   Bragen concludes that because he knows anti-Semitism like almost no one else, he is in a position to bear witness with great authority to the fact that the Daily Planet is not anti-Semitic.

We flagged this story at the time.  We had never heard of any one individual experiencing so much overt anti-Semitism in modern America.  We are not talking about a child on a schoolyard, but an adult, and the story takes place in the Bay Area, not in a remote part of rural America. 

The story, in short, stunk to high heaven.  One thing we knew for certain is that O’Malley had not fact checked it.  To our knowledge, she never does.

We are used to doing O’Malley’s fact checking for her.  But at the time this story first appeared we simply did not have the bandwidth to check it out.  There is so much malfeasance at the Daily Planet that we simply cannot deal with it all.

Now, two months later, comes a new story by Jack Bragen (May 21, 2009).  This is yet another poignant story, but this time he tells of his years in and out of psychiatric institutions and the many drugs he has taken to treat his psychoses.

Need we say more?






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